Our blended apprenticeships utilise a mixture of face to face workshops, virtual seminars, individual coaching sessions, written assessments, personality profiling and an End Point Assessment to give your new and existing staff all the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to become exceptional in their roles.

Level 3 Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Take your new and existing staff from untrained or self-taught managers to confident, qualified and highly skilled leaders able to perform and progress within your organisation.

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Level 5 Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Develop your Team Leaders, Junior and Middle managers into well-rounded and capable leaders, ready to step in to middle and senior management positions with this robust leadership development programme.

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Level 4 Sales Apprenticeships

Enrolling existing staff through a Sales Executive Apprenticeship leads to the individual gaining essential as well as advanced sales and customer management skills, all accredited by the industry leading body, whilst improving knowledge, skills and behaviours within the sales teams maximise the chance of them becoming exceptional in their roles and ready for the next step.

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Level 3 Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeships

Providing the best customer service is the most important way that you can make your business stand out in a crowd and this programme will ensure that you can do exactly that.

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