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Monday 04 May 20

The Takeaway3 Things You May Not Know About Apprenticeships

3 Things You May Not Know About Apprenticeships

Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, businesses are starting to understand the benefits of apprenticeships in terms of both introducing new colleagues to the workforce and upskilling existing employees at all levels.

There are however still some aspects of apprenticeships that are not as widely understood, here are three important ones…

  • Larger organisations can fund their apprenticeships through their levy account, paying only 5% of the difference if they run out of money in that pot, hence can attract much investment in their organisational development from the government. On the other hand, SME’s can have up to 3 apprentices in their business funded 95% by the government, paying 5% of the total.

  • You can tailor apprenticeships. If you have a discrete group of people on the same programme, we can design bespoke content and even design branded learning materials for the programme to create your very own internal development programme.

  • Apprenticeships are a certification, not a qualification. However, providers such as ourselves include a qualification as part of each apprenticeship programme to ensure that learners get real value in terms of their potential for progression and external evidence of their training and achievements.

To learn more about:

  • How to access or use apprenticeship funding
  • How to have apprenticeships tailored to your business and needs
  • What kinds of different apprenticeship programmes exist
  • Where to find the best providers for your apprenticeship needs

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