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Thursday 30 Apr 20

The TakeawayTweaking Your Management Approach

Do You Know Your Management Approach and What Needs Tweaking?

There are many theories of leadership and one that provides us with a way to balance our roles and responsibilities effectively, is that of John Adair's Action Centred Leadership which focuses on three areas of leadership...

He identified that three overlapping circles to describe what effective leaders must consider; the task, the individual and the team. 

  • The Task
    This focuses on the deliverables, ensuring they are well prioritised, resourced and effective processes are in place.

  • The Individual
    This focuses on each person in their own right, considering their performance, development and welfare to be able to be effective in their role.

  • The Team
    This focuses on how the teamwork as a unit to deliver, harnessing their strengths and ensuring they support one another.

Which do you naturally lean towards more?
Which do you focus on more?

You will have a natural preference to lean towards one of these three areas.  We should be aware of this and think of ways that we can move toward a balance between the three.

The overlap of these areas is an interesting one:

  • If we achieve the task; it builds the team and satisfies the individuals.

  • If we cannot meet the needs of the team (if it lacks cohesion); then the performance of the task is weakened, and this reduces individual satisfaction.

  • If we cannot meet the of the individuals, the team will lack cohesion  and performance of the task will be impaired

The concept is real at any leadership level, whether you are a team leader managing up to 20 people, managing teams of leaders who manage other people or are leading a whole organisation at a strategic level. We need always to consider all three of these overlapping circles. 

This model has proven to be industry, culture and situation independent. The strength of Action Centered Leadership is that it can help us, as leaders, to identify where we may be losing touch with the real needs of the group or situation.

What is further compelling is that John Adair's ideas centre around the concept that we can learn leadership. He identifies 8 functions which will guide you to consider the three aspects of the task, the team and the individuals when trying to lead.

Follow these, and you are on the way to effective leadership!

  1. Define the tasks and goals for your individuals and teams
  2. Plan your expectations and deadlines
  3. Brief your team and individuals
  4. Control the task through delegation and monitoring
  5. Evaluate both your teams and the individual achievements 
  6. Make sure you motivate your employees (through several methods)
  7. Organising yourself, the team, and the processes.
  8. Always set a good example for your employees and your team. 

A team that is functional and performing will create an environment where your team members will work comfortably and naturally support each other to produce the best results, which in turn benefits the task, which in turn will lead to excellent results.

What do you need to give more attention to today?


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