Our Nine Dots Learning Process

We truly believe that it is the role of the training provider to ensure that participants leave the training room and put their new skills and knowledge into practice and therefore deliver the intended outcomes for the organisation involved. It is because of this belief that we developed our own, unique process for embedding learning.

Each  step of our process including the challenge and coaching process integrates with your internal learning and development systems and processes meaning that you are always able to see how your participants are doing and what stage they have progressed to along their learning journey.

  • Engage

    At the beginning of a programme, we work in conjunction with you to formally communicate its commencement. This will include the positive reasons as to why these delegates have been selected for training, how it will benefit them and how it fits into the wider organisational strategy.

  • Interest

    For every workshop, delegates will receive some information about the topics to be covered in the session in order to ensure that everyone has a similar foundation of knowledge leading up to the day. Delegates are then encouraged to think about themselves and their skills and tendencies in relation to the topic, generally or through structured profiling models.

  • Train

    We deliver an interactive and business focused workshop where we use a variety of accelerated learning techniques to achieve the desired skills development. As a rule of thumb, our workshops consist of 33% listening, 33% discussing and 33% applying.

  • Remind

    Follow-up notes on what was learnt go out the day after the workshop to aid memory retention. This is the start of the embedding process and will be followed up 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months later. This will be a self coaching message which will encourage delegates to continue to use and develop their new skills.

  • Challenge

    During the workshop, the delegates will set challenges for themselves to do or try something differently as a result of the learning. On completion of the challenge, delegates must provide feedback through the coaching form provided.

  • Coach

    To reinforce the learning within the programme, participants will hold a 20 minute conversation with an ICF accredited coach to review the learning and look at any obstacles that they may be having with implementing their learning.

It is through this process we can guarantee that your managers and leaders will have put something that they have learned into practice and tried something new as a result of our training. This process can be integrated fully into internal systems or run entirely by Nine Dots Development.

In addition to the Nine Dots Process, which has been developed to fully embed the learning, can also provide support to the line manager of each participant in relation to:

  • Goal Setting

    Prior to any training, a conversation should take place between the participant and their line manager to clarify why the training is taking place and what the participant should look to achieve from attending. There are skills and models that can be used to make these conversations more effective.

  • Reviewing

    To reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired during the workshop, another conversation should take place between participant and line manager shortly afterwards. This is to review the results of the training, what was learnt and what is going to be implemented moving forward. The line manager should also identify any support that needs to be put in place to achieve maximum impact.

Nine Dots Development provide guides and tutorials to support and prompt these conversations between participants and their line managers.


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